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Web Applications

Make it to do something special... securely.

Harness the power of the cloud and my knack for building really useful software and gain a tool that can skyrocket your team's productivity.

Smartly built web apps can save man hours, automate workflow, and enable your workforce to operate more efficiently.



Put your best foot forward...

A good website communicates your product or service effectively, has an intuitive user experience on both desktop & mobile, and has clean code and smart SEO to funnel a high volume of traffic to your business.

I specialize in custom built product/service websites and e-commerce.


Saas MVP Development

Get your business idea off the ground

Need a developer to help build and launch your Software as a Service (SaaS) product?

I've worked with a number of early stage startups to help bring their business idea to life. Test the market with a Minimum Viable Product or build out new features on your existing PHP product.



I've completed over 100 successful projects in the last 2 years, from small brochure websites to complex web applications. Here are just a few of my recent ones.

Pinder Transport - Car Carrier Logistics

Pinder Transport is a car carrier trucking company that had a need to replace their aging trucking logistics software. In addition to modernizing their software, they also found the advantages of moving their business software to the cloud so they could easily access it from anywhere.

I custom built a comprehensive application that automates and streamlines their operation by:

  • Allowing them to track and manage the logistics of their fleet
  • Assign loads and trips to drivers
  • Invoice customers
  • Automatically generate driver payroll statements
  • Automatically calculate IFTA tax rates (a complex international fuel tax regulation)
  • Notify management personnel of upcoming licensing renewals

Leaf Racewear

Leaf Racewear is a London company that sells auto racing safety equipment and custom made racing suits. Their website was old and was in need of an update. I built them a new mobile friendly website with their products featured front and centre. To go along with the store-front, a custom coded check-out process suits their unique needs and makes the customer experience smooth and painless.

A back-end powered by Perch CMS along with some custom tracking software simplies the website management and puts more control in the hands of Leaf Racewear with less dependance on a web developer -- how it should be.

What they had to say:

"I ran the new website through the [business development] website assessment tool. It scored a 10/10... that was pretty fun to see." "I really like how the site is looking!!" - Colin Grandy, Leaf Racewear

Professional Pools

Professional Pool Services in London, ON previously managed their website on their own using Wordpress, however after being hacked twice, and also realizing they badly needed a design update, they hired me.

I put together a custom designed website built on Perch CMS. Now they have a modern, mobile friendly website that's also highly secure.

Biography Timeliner

The Biography Centre, an established publishing company, commissioned me to build a subscription based web app for a new venture of theirs that seeks to guide writers through composing their own autobiography. Through a sleek interface, users will be guided through writing about their own personal history from their ancestry into their childhood, adulthood and right into their dreams for the future. The app then compiles everything that's been written into a comprehensive "My Bio" page, which can be shared with others or kept as a private momento.

The unique Timeline feature matches historical events to a user's period of their life, and enables them to record their thoughts and reactions.

An easy Progress panel tracks what sections have been completed, skipped, or need further work.

Users can also upload and manage photos through galleries tied to a specific time period.

The app also includes extensive Administrative controls that allows them to manage the integrated blog, users, help resources, historical events, and the prompt questions.

Foxtail Invoicing

Cloud based invoicing and accounting software for freelancers, consultants, and micro-businesses. This is my own product launch born out of a lack of other good cloud invoicing/accounting software out there designed for the little guy.

Packing some industrial level security, slick reporting, and lightning-fast performance among other features.

Its free to use!

Guilbeault Law

A small website for a new law firm specializing in family law. This website features a stunning main banner, responsive layout, and SEO friendly code.

What they had to say:

"The website is absolutely amazing we are very pleased!" "Thank you again, your work is incredible."

Power Property Services

This is a web application that serves as a great example of how a piece of custom cloud software can unify your workforce, drasticly reduce man-hours on non-revenue administrative tasks, and provide a serious return on investment very quickly.

Power Property Services is a busy property management and snow removal company that has been drowning in paperwork -- all done by hand.

Now work crews can:

  • Have easy access to work instructions, wherever they are
  • Submit reports directly onsite, easily, and in real-time
  • Clock in to jobs onsite, guaranteeing accurate tracking for payroll
  • Access and submit company documents directly to management, eliminating forgotten or lost paperwork

Management personnel have a powerful resource to:

  • Track progress of projects in real time
  • Easily compile payroll hours
  • Gather metrics on man-hours by project
  • Digitally manage administrative documents like training forms, drivers license copies, etc.

The web app also features a high level of security to protect sensitive company data, including SSL, database encryption, and leading edge password handling techniques.

Community Living Port Colborne/Wainfleet

A Perch CMS powered website done for the Port Colborne branch of Community Living.

Like my last Community Living Project, this website features a custom built employee section which provides training content for internal policies, tracks an employee's progress through it, and notifies adminstrators when training sections are completed.

Mindful Drivers - Student Database

A new driving school needed a student database and portal to manage students, schedule class and road lessons, track payments, homework & attendance, and provide students a portal to login and view their activity and invoices. I built a custom web application to do just that!

This app:

  • Keeps database records of student information
  • Tracks student payments, generates invoices, and can email receipts out
  • Schedules Classroom lessons and in-car sessions
  • Allows instructors to upload registration forms, exams, homework, and attendance sheets to the app for tracking
  • Provides students a portal to view their own attendance records, submit their own homework, view invoices and payment information, and see the results of exams and road tests


A company brochure website done in cooperation with Paul Lavandeira.

This website features a full responsive layout, and slide-out mobile menu.

My Clients

Some of the businesses I've had the pleasure of working with.