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Effective January 1, 2017. These policies are intended to communicate the expected deliverables in the absense of any other superseding agreement.


The listed website prices above include a static desktop mockup (1366px) of the home page to illustrate overall theming of the website. Additional different mockups (mobile layout, subpages, or entirely new mockups) will be charged at my regular hourly rate.

Graphic Design

The above website prices are not valid for websites that need a large amount of graphic design work. Specially designed image-based website elements (ex. logos, custom buttons, banner graphics, background graphics etc.) are not included in prices above, and it is generally expected that these will be provided to me. In cases where I am asked to create these elements myself, my regular hourly rate will be applied to the graphic design work. If you have a project requiring a large amount of graphical work to be done, please talk to me ahead of time.

Copy Editing/Writing

In general I do not provide copy writing or editing as part of my service, unless specifically stated. All content that is submitted is considered final, and any changes to content that has already been submitted will be deemed additional work and charge at my hourly rate.


Revisions are intended to give the client a chance to have some feedback after seeing the intitial offering of a design. They are NOT intended to provide the client with a sandbox to experiment with designs until he/she finds one they like. If a client is unsure of what they want, I am happy to continue to work with them iteratively at my regular hourly rate.

Any revision requests beyond the first one will automatically be deemed additional work and charged at my regular hourly rate on the next billing cycle.

After the website files have been delivered, or the website is launched live (whichever comes first) the website will be considered accepted by the client as complete, however a 7 day grace period will be allowed at my sole discretion for any final revisions. Beyond the 7 day grace period, any requested revisions will be considered additional work and charged at my regular hourly rate.


I will support my product in the form of bug-fixes for a period of 1 year following launch. Bug-fixes are defined as undesired behaviour in the website/software as a result of a mistake in the coding. Bug fixes do not include feature requests, revisions, updates, or errors as a result of third party software changes (ex. browser/api/plugin updates).


Any changes made to the website/software by third party developers or that is outside the control and/or knowledge of Chad Tiffin Web Development will void the warranty.

Technical Support/Documentation

The listed prices do not include any sort of ongoing technical support, documentation, or updates. I will provide client support in the form of phone calls, answering emails, or writing documentation at my regular hourly rate. Please talk to me to arrange a more structured delivery of support or documentation.

For Perch CMS websites, upon request, I will include a 30 minute video conference walk-through, or a short Quickstart guide in PDF format.

Subpages with Purpose Built Widgets

The listed subpage price applies to only a normal subpage with standard content that follows the main page template. Subpages with purpose built user-interactive content such as JavaScript powered calculators, surveys, other widgets, or with page layouts that are unique from the main page template will need to be quoted as an additional cost.

In Person Consultations & Travel

In Person Consultations are subject to my regular hourly rate. Discretional exceptions may be made for initial consultations on large projects. Travel time is subject to half my hourly rate, plus $0.40/km.

Contractual Terms & Payment

It should be understood that the terms of our working relationship is fully independent of any end-client and exists solely between my direct client and myself. I am not responsible for any late or non-payment of downstream clients or loss of profit.

Ongoing Projects

Any projects that are ongoing for more than 30 days, either as a result of continual revisions, expanding scope, or clients that are slow to respond will be invoiced for work completed on 30 day intervals. Work will not continue until overdue invoices are paid.